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Extruder screw
Extruder screw

Extruder screw

Extruder screw is a molding processing method that has most production varieties and changes, wide applications, and is high efficient, well-adapted in polymer process field.


Extruder screw Details

Diameter: Ф16-Ф300
Length-diameter: L/D=15-40
Material: 38crMoAIA, hardening and tempering, nitrogen treatment
Surface hardness: HV≥900 nitriding layer thickness: 0.5-0.8mm
Material: WC/CO spray welding on surface, effectively extend the lifespan of the screw.
Extruder screw features:
1. Simple structure, low price.
2. Suitable for the plastifying extrusion of polymer, as well as for the extrusion of granules. It has low shear degradation for the polymer, but the materials stay long time inside the extruder.
3. Easy to operate and control.
4. It has good mixing plasticizing capacity, the materials stay short in the extruder, suitable for processing powder.
5. Large output, high extruding speed, low energy consumption.
Label: Extruder screw,Screw, Screw barrel