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Screw working characteristics


① Screw speed can be realized as stepless pressure and […]

Screw speed can be realized as stepless pressure and speed control configuration.
② Linear guide instead of injection into the guide column to reduce the friction when shooting, improve injection accuracy (optional).
Screw, tube alloy material, quenching and tempering treatment to improve the wear resistance, the injection of Italy Jeffreys electronic ruler, position control accuracy can be controlled at 0.1mm.
④ 4-stage injection pressure and speed, 4-stage packing pressure and speed of the independent control is more conducive to injection process adjustment.
⑤ Manual back pressure device (CNC back pressure optional) to improve the plastic screw plastic, exhaust and density. Addition of back pressure to increase the elimination of devices to prevent the production of products used to feed the back pressure without loose back into the mold plastic flow into the mold phenomenon