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Screw repair and replacement


1. If there is slight wear or scratch marks on the work […]

1. If there is slight wear or scratch marks on the working surface of the screw, use whetstone or fine emery cloth to polish and repair the damaged part.

2. When the working surface of the screw is heavily worn and the groove is deep, the cause of the screw wear should be checked and analyzed, and the failure should be eliminated in order to prevent the similar phenomenon from occurring again, and then repair the deeper flaw groove. If the thread wear of the entire screw is severe, the clearance between the screw and the barrel increases, and the leakage of molten material increases during operation. When the injection volume is unstable, the threaded outer circle of the screw should be thermally sprayed with an abrasion-resistant alloy, and then the barrel The actual size of the Extruder Screw inner diameter, screw grinding according to the part of the fit clearance requirements (see Table 3-3).

If the barrel wears seriously and the diameter of the inner hole increases after the repair, the grinding after the screw coating can no longer meet the matching gap size requirements between the barrel and the screw, then the screw should be remanufactured. The thread diameter of the screw should be processed according to the actual internal hole diameter of the barrel according to the requirements of the clearance between the two parts.