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Plastic plastic screw material


1, ACM2 (West German material, commonly known as black […]

1, ACM2 (West German material, commonly known as black and white cross): ACM2 aluminum molybdenum nickel molybdenum alloy steel, quenched and tempered up to HB280 ~ 320, nitriding processing 72 HV up to HV800 hardness, with good wear resistance, but the plating The effect of hard chrome is poor, which is used by general plastic tube and plastic tube.
2, MAC24 (Mitsubishi Materials, tempered nitrided steel): non-aluminum content, so less white layer after nitriding, nitriding hardness of about HV800 ~ HV950, acid corrosion resistance hard chrome plating good effect.
3, double alloy: The manufacturing method is divided into PTA top welding and HPHVOF two kinds of spray, depending on the selection of different plastic properties. Its surface hardened hardness of HRC74, with good wear resistance of the superhard alloy, the film density up to 98 ~ 99.8%, while the surface adhesion strength of more than 10000psi. Plastic plastic screw can be described as the heart of injection molding machine components responsible for the transport of plastic raw materials, melting, mixing, metering and so on, so plastic plasticizing screw and molding products are closely related to the quality.